B. Woofer Hound Dog Guitar

B. Woofer Hound Dog Guitar
FUN DOGGIE DITTIES: The B. Woofer Guitar provides lots of opportunities for experimenting with music and sounds. Press the doggy button and listen to nice peppy puppy songs, or choose your mood with the three play modes; acoustic, electric, or hound dog. Eight musical buttons play various chords, and the B. Woofer Guitar also includes twenty sing-along favorites and a lyric music booklet. Guitar strings play chord progressions or pre-recorded songs. Finally, the whammy bone lets you make any song a howling original!
MUSICAL DISCOVERY: Our B. Woofer Guitar has been designed with little ones in mind. A simple switch turns the guitar on and allows children to pick from acoustic, electric, or howl audio modes. Kids can strum freely or choose from any of the buttons to hammer out some ruff riffs. Volume is easy to control through a wheel on the side. Another easy-to-find button on the side of the beat paw instantly retracts the microphone.
GET CREATIVE: With so many various options and customizable modes, your little Van Halen will be a musical prodigy in no time. Make sure to keep the groupies away!
TEACHES RHYTHM: Nobody will grow up to be a famous musician without practice. Our B. Woofer Guitar is a fun and educational toy for teaching children rhythm and musical patterns. Your child can play along to twenty familiar songs and nine originals.


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