Little Characters Ltd proudly supports the following Designer Brands.
They share our philosophy and values in wanting to make a difference by standing out from the rest and being more than just an online retail store.


We don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how things are supposed to be. Instead, we create toys that inspire individuality. The look, feel and function are inspired by the world around us. By our children’s faces. Our dreams. Our own childhoods.

Our process? Part joy. Part love. Part mischief. Part serendipity. We want to be a voice to children that says it’s okay to be curious, to be pensive, to be loud, to be happy and sad all at the same time, to be generous, to be afraid, to be quiet, to be wild, to be fun, to be open, to be scientific, to be poetic, to be giddy, to be serious, to be smart, to be free, to be you.

Just B. Just you. B. you.
The difference in our packaging goes way beyond the surface. We scrutinize every piece to ensure its impact on our children's world is as light as possible. Packaging toys in bags you'll love to resuse.



The toys all have an educational value, whether it is didactic, nurturing, or collecting and creating worlds for children. The company manufactures to the highest standards both in quality and safety. Battat always runs on the principles of honesty, integrity, and fairness, both towards its employees and customers. We empower children in communities worldwide! The biggest reward for us is to see happy children playing with our toys, and over the years we have been the proud recipient of various awards. A great compliment and testament to the quality of our toys!