Education on a plate- Learn to tell the time

The Clock Plate is bright and fun and kids gravitate to the bunny and carrot theme. Telling the time can be tricky for some kids to grasp. This Plate has been carefully designed to make telling the time easier to understand. By setting the time around 7 o'clock, kids can work their way around and identify the minute hand.Parents can discuss the concepts of seconds and minutes and hours with the information written around the border.
Using the middle clock image:
•Cut up a long thin slice of carrot and a shorter string bean.
•Make the bean the hour hand and the carrot the minute hand.
•Set a time, for example try 6:05: Place the string bean on the 6 and the carrot on the 1 or 5 minute carrot image.
•Now try 9:30 by placing the string bean between the 9-10 and the carrot on the 6 or 30 minute carrot image etc.
•Ask your child to tell you what time school starts and to show you on the clock using the bean and carrot.
•Talk about lunchtime or bedtime or other times of the day.
•Talk about the concept of PAST and TO when describing the time. For example 9:15 is the same as Quarter PAST 9 or 8:40 is the same as 20 TO 9.
•Ask your child to count to 60 seconds and explain to them that is the same as 1 minute. Then ask them how many seconds makes 2 minutes.
•Talk about minutes in an hour and hours in a day.
•Talk to them about the difference between am and pm.


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