Match It Foods

Match It Foods is a self-correcting puzzle allowing children to learn to read the words for the food independently. Like the other Match It sets only the correct word will match with its food picture.
The large Match It puzzle pieces mean that the word and picture are clear and easy to identify. Children will learn to recognise and name the different foods, at the same time early literacy skill will be fostered.


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Extra Info

With repeated correct matching of word to picture children will learn to recognise what the woods look like and be able to 'read' thOnce it appears as if a child is reading the word he/she could be asked to choose a word first, read it and then find the matching picture. Some assistance will probably be needed to ensure frustration levels do not result in the child backing out of the game. Prompts can be given until the child seems confident enough to try independently.
Experiencing success helps foster self-esteem, giving the child a sense of well being so that he/she is confident to take responsibility for their own learning.