Well, we've taken that concept, stacked it up tall, and completely redesigned it with a modern style and brilliant colors kids will love.

Grab the ten multi-colored spheres and easily stack them inside the special Rolligo rack. Give it a little push, and - VROOOM!! - Little minds light up with delight as the vibrant colors spin in all directions!

Push it forward, back, sideways, and all around any which way you want. - The stunning display of twisting, turning colors keeps little ones enthralled for hours!

Meanwhile, gross motor, fine motor, and imaginative play skills all grow and accelerate continuously.

Surprisingly simple yet endlessly entertaining, Rolligo is a sensory adventure kids won't want to miss.


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Extra Info

Colourful spheres stacked in a rack that spin in all directions
Encourages fine motor skills, gross motor skills, sensory exploration
Little minds are enthralled by the spinning and twisting of vibrant colors
Spheres fit perfectly, don't fall out when rolling
Slide Rolligo along any flat surface to see spheres spin
Spheres colored teal/lime and pink/orange
Includes Rolligo rack, 10 colourful spheres
High quality materials for lasting enjoyment