Science Wiz. MAGNETISM

Science Wiz. MAGNETISM
Magnetism. Learn How Magnets really work.
For children ages 5 through 10 OR MORE...
40 Page science book and kit
All materials except 1 D-cell battery
Awards Winner!
26 Activities designed to develop a solid foundation for more advanced topics in electricity and magnetism. Build an electromagnet
Flip the poles of an electromagnet
Discover how an electric motor works
Go iron detecting
Visualise the lines of force
Craft a compass
Levitate and bounce ring magnets
Contains high quality ceramic magnets.
Many children play with magnetic toys when they are in pre-school. We have found that though most primary age school children are primed to learn about magnetism, they cannot yet answer the following questions.
Can your child answer these questions? 1.Do all metals stick to magnets? (Can you name five pure metals?)
2.How many poles does a magnet have?
3.Can you separate the north pole from the south pole of a magnet by breaking the magnet in half?
4.Can you build an electromagnet?
5.Can you flip the poles on an electromagnet?
6.Do you know how to make and use your own compass
7.If your child cannot answer these questions, it is time for the ScienceWiz™ Magnetism kit. We keep in the fun, but we do not leave out the science.


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